The restaurant is located one kilometer from the beach and features a spectacular view of the rainforest covered mountains. The terrace is fully open which enables and enhances the appreciation of all the elements of nature including sights, sounds and smells. Countless species of wildlife, particularly Toucans can be spotted by sitting comfortably in our terrace enjoying a fine meal. Our cuisine is the result of an immense love for great healthy Mediterranean Italian Cuisine, a love that was transmitted to us by “Mamma and Papà”: Anna Maria and Salvatore. The menu is the result of generations of research into the genuine light Southern Italian food. Based on customized flavors and specialties from Puglia and Naples as passed on and perfected by mamma Anna Maria and papa Salvatore creates a combination that is highly appreciated in this area. The hand made fresh Italian pastas follows our family’s traditional methods and work wonderfully in combination with the fresh and natural products found in Costa Rica. The hand made tagliatelle, gnocchi, cannelloni, lasagna are dishes that distinguish our restaurant. But not forgetting to mention our selection of appetizers and excellent local meats, poultry, freshly caught local fish and seafood. The wide selection of pizzas are designed to reflect the flavors of the earth and sea. Our menu also features desserts like tiramisù, lemon cake and sponge cake with Italian custard cream just to name but a few.

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